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The cost of the minimum wage

Minimum wage earners Vasivasi Faitala and Dalrene Goff argued it was unfair they had to pay their own and their employer TerraNova's KiwiSaver contributions.

The caregivers earn the minimum wage of $13.50 an hour, which was broken down to wages and tax of $12.98, 26c for their contribution to KiwiSaver, hong kong company register and 26c for TerraNova's contribution.

The Court of Appeal agreed with the Employment Court that the Minimum Wage Act was designed to impose a floor below which employers and employees could not go.

TerraNova argued it was entitled to make the deduction when minimum wage and KiwiSaver laws were read together, registration of company in Hong Kong and that the Employment Court erred in concluding that compulsory employer contributions were not wages.

"The opening phrase used in section six of the Minimum Wage Act notwithstanding anything to the contrary is an unequivocal statement of legislative intent that the provision shall prevail over any enactment, award, collective agreement, determination or contract of service which purports to limit the workers entitlement to the prescribed minimum wage Business Registry Hong Kong," the Court of Appeal said.

TerraNova has to pay 75 per cent of the costs for a standard appeal.
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without dieting

Don't want to go on a diet and doesn't want to exercise but want to lose weight.Hong Kong Massage There is a good way to do, Xiaobian tell you the answer ipad waterproof cases, that is the low calorie diet.

To lose weight, without dieting is no movement, as long as the low calorie diet Xiaobian introduce reduction, relaxed body weight could lose oh! Compared with the past mainly on "dieting to lose weight method", "low calorie diet" has obviously advantages: no longer have to starve!

At the same time, it is also healthier, safer way of thin body. From now on, you can eat to lose weight!

"Principle of low card thin"

Many women think eating more calories more intake, in fact this is a misunderstanding, between the food and the heat is not simply proportional to, some small volume, less weight food, high calorie is quite amazing.

"Low calorie diet" is in the daily diet, ip networking choose the low calorie food, in full under the premise, but imperceptibly reduced calorie intake, so as to achieve the purpose of weight.

For example, a medium-sized apple contains about 70000 calories, and a small chocolate also contains 70000 calories, while the same quantity of heat, but produce satiety are very different.

Therefore, the calculation of heat can not only based on the weight of food, also must from the overall situation to calculate the feeding, eating right is the first step to successful weight loss.

"Low calorie" food choices

select volume is large, have a sense of satiety but low calorie food such as vegetables, cucumber, eggplant, wax gourd, bamboo shoots, white radish, carrot and soybean products in the tender tofu etc..

low-fat low calorie mushroom is a good thin body,Underwear Hong Kong 100 grams of mushrooms only 55000 calories card, fat content is close to zero, and cellulose rich, easy to satiety.

brown rice, oatmeal, barley porridge is best for weight loss women, because the brown rice high cellulose, high calcium and low fat, cereal, besides high calcium. Low fat, but also rich in vitamin A and vitamin B.

green vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage and so on are low calorie food.

konjac is one of the low calorie food is popular at present, contains a lot of water soluble fiber, very low calories.

banana jelly, low quantity of heat, wigs natural hair it can meet the need of eating sweets.

muskmelon, pear. Pineapple is a fruit is low in calories, less fat content, and rich in cellulose.

100 grams shrimp contains 80000 calories and less than 1 grams of fat.

the only egg instead of whole eggs to make egg & vegetable soup, has only 90000 calories and 1 grams of fat. Before dinner drink egg & vegetable soup can also control the appetite.

100 grams cuttlefish and tuna contains 120000 calories, protein and iron, and contains more, the taste is also very good.

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Fishery officials abalone poachers convicted

Day Van Tang was sentenced in Nelson District Court to 11 months in jail after his second conviction for paua poaching.

He was also banned from fishing for three years, and his vehicle and his gear used in the poaching was forfeited to the Crown.

Tang and his brother Hanh Tang were caught in Nelson with 139 paua, 115 of which were undersized, that they took at a secluded spot on the Kaikoura coast.

When first approached Day Van Tang denied knowing what the shellfish were, saying they were whelks - a type of sea snail.

But he later admitted he knew he was only allowed to take 10 paua a day, and that despite knowing he wasn't allowed to catch paua less than 125mm he didn't measure any of them.

Tang had already been jailed for 12 months in 2010 on charges of selling, taking or possessing paua to obtain a benefit.

"I hope he takes the time to reflect on the foolishness of his actions. He has a long while to do so," Ministry of Primary Industries district compliance manager Ian Bright said.

Hanh Tang had already been fined $2000 but escaped anything more serious as it was his first fisheries-related conviction and there was no evidence he intended to sell any of the paua.

The men were caught after an anonymous tip-off from the public, Mr Bright said.

"We greatly appreciate the support of the community in reporting poachers and those who break the rules."
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Treatment of Mr. Bain's claim for compensation

Lawyer Michael Reed on Tuesday told a High Court hearing in Auckland seeking crown documents linked to a judicial review of Ms Collins' actions over his compensation claim that Ms Collins and Crown Law behaved with bias and improper motive.

But crown lawyer Kristy McDonald told Justice Patrick Keane on Wednesday there was not a shred of evidence given to support allegations of deliberate wrongdoing, and that this hearing wasn't the proper forum to make them.

"Issues arise about the propriety of making such allegations in the form that they have been made without evidence to support them lace embroidery patches," she said.

"This is not the substantive hearing and it should not be an opportunity for unprincipled rhetoric."

Mr Bain is seeking a judicial review of Ms Collins' actions of seeking a peer review into retired Canadian Supreme Court judge Ian Binnie's finding that Mr Bain was innocent on the balance of probabilities of murdering his family in the 1990s.

The Crown argues it doesn't have to hand the documents over because they are subject to legal privilege property in malaysia.

Ms McDonald questioned why Mr Reed raised an email by Ms Collins' press secretary in which she expressed a fear of Justice Binnie going "completely feral".

"The Crown never claimed privilege over that document," she said.

"Obviously that point was lost. It was referred to for whatever point Mr Reed wanted to make about it nuskin group."

Mr Reed had argued that documents relating to two lawyers consulted by the minister's office about Justice Binnie's report were not subject to privilege as they were heavily involved in the prosecution of Mr Bain and they were therefore not independent.

But Ms McDonald argued there is no hoop that has to be jumped through for independence for a claim of privilege.

Justice Keane is expected to reserve his decision later on Wednesday.
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Seismologists warned against complacency

GNS Science has revised down the risk of another big quake to follow the magnitude 6.5 earthquake that struck the capital at 5.09pm on Sunday.

Thanks to a lack of major aftershocks overnight iPad Cases, the prediction for a tremor measuring over magnitude 6 in the next 24 hours has reduced from 20 per cent to 10 per cent.

"We've had a relatively quiet night so it's not surprising to see that number dropping off," GNS duty seismologist John Ristau told NZ Newswire.

"That's not to say there isn't going to be another big one though. People need to be aware of that."

He said the agency was carefully monitoring patterns from the string of quakes that started with a 5.7 jolt just after 9am on Friday.

It was followed by a 5.8 on Sunday morning, the violent shake late Sunday afternoon and about 120 aftershocks since then, according to GeoNet.

There have been few reports of damage and injury but the swarm has brought Wellington CBD to a standstill as workers are warned to stay home while buildings and infrastructure get safety checks.

Mr Ristau said the activity was triggered by friction between the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates which meet over New Zealand and push against one another.

Interestingly, it seems to be the plates rubbing up and down against each other, rather than typical thrusting forwards, Dentist Hong Kong that is responsible for this series, he said.

The exact fault point involved has yet to be determined.

He said the quake centre had moved to the south-west since Friday, a pattern typically seen in these seismic swarms as earthquake "stress" is transferred away from the epicentre handbags embroidery.

The quakes are similar to a series of four earthquakes over magnitude 5 that struck the region in 2005. They hit 10 to 15 km southwest of the current swarm and caused no damage.
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