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Percy Fepuleai picked up his teammates

What Fepuleai didn't know was that the gun was loaded.

The joke quickly turned deadly when Fepuleai pulled the trigger, food wine firing a fatal shot into the stomach of 23-year-old Alex Mark Ulu outside their south Auckland home on January 2.

Mr Ulu died from his injuries in hospital 16 days later.

Not quite six months on from his cousin's death, 29-year-old Fepuleai on Wednesday pleaded guilty in the High Court in Auckland to Mr Ulu's manslaughter.

According to the summary of facts, read to the court by crown prosecutor Aaron Perkins, on the night of the shooting Fepuleai was drinking at his Flat Bush home, which he shared with Mr Ulu and other family members, with a friend.

Fepuleai's friend told him he had a rifle in his vehicle, which the pair got out to have a look at.

Though the friend had initially removed the ammunition from the gun, he later replaced it, formation of company unbeknown to Fepuleai.

When Mr Ulu arrived home, Fepuleai asked his friend to give him the gun because he wanted to scare his cousin "for a laugh".

As Mr Ulu got out of his car and walked towards the front door, Fepuleai pointed the gun at him and asked him to put his hands up.

Mr Ulu eventually did so, but Fepuleai proceeded to pull the trigger, Asian college of knowledge management firing a shot into his cousin's stomach.

Mr Ulu was rushed to Middlemore Hospital, where he was placed on life support. He underwent 12 operations, but he died as result of his injuries on January 18.

Fepuleai had only intended to scare Mr Ulu and had no knowledge a bullet was loaded, the summary of facts said.

Justice Timothy Brewer further remanded Fepuleai in custody for sentencing on August 27.
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