About the season, do you like it

The scenery along the way

Monring winds waning moon, this go to years, a kind of homesickness, sorrow is broken im, just the eyebrows, but in my heart. Home, where you are.

Before every zha to hometown

Remember that is a fall, and for the first time I went to my hometown; Walked along the country road, the red brick walls, green tiles, golden wheat, sweet osmanthus, it is this side of water and soil along the everlasting scenery in this season. My father's mother's sister's home the yard has a sweet osmanthus tree, Dream beauty pro is the only surviving endured several severe winters, osmanthus flower small, soft, golden yellow, is very pleasing, as long as open a window, osmanthus fragrance is to fill in house, full chamber is fragrant, coma were smoked. The village land one tall French phoenix tree, a gust of wind blowing, you listen to "salad salad", it is autumn in even crooned, it told me the busy farming season.

A gust of wind blew the golden wheat

My house is a few acres of land, until the wheat is ripe, uncle, father's mother's sister is going to harvest a promising, at that time they catch the wheat field, is one half a day can mow three or four acres of; Night about the need to MaiKe is very hard, is to my home is small, morning is completed, finished eat, but old people said can't owe MaiKe life, we are a big treat them, my uncle but to sing Beijing Opera head, while MaiKe when having a meal, light on a throat, MaiKe happy, our heart is steadfast. Farmers but weather, drying, dyeing, Yang mic, storehouse, the same five days, see the valley on the field of the buttress is playing high, they are happy with a smile. After all it is a year of hard.

Hometown held me a pure heart, teach me how to embrace all things between heaven and earth, taught me the word of "all rivers run into sea, slide the desire". Until I leave, I smile and be happy happy home said to me: "I'll come again." But I didn't think, this is home and I don't.

After which I have never been to my hometown, until my grandpa passed away...

I sat in the car, drove in 205 national highway, with filthy family relatively silent. This April pollen and span man skin care, the earth with the gloomy, makes the motorcycle road, dumb wheat along highways, and between the clouds in fine threads everything such as sunshine, Dream beauty pro look the same as the background of the monk's "scream". This is my hometown? I want to.

Reunion is silent

Waiting sailed to SanCha Village, unexpectedly saw a row with dilapidated bungalow at the edge of the road, I asked my dad: this is my hometown, his answer is that the answer let me hard to own, no, than in the past let's shake my body and mind. My hometown, where you are. Along the path in the village, building a grey one, garbage bags, fester, greening has vanished, only look at the tree in the village of French platanus acerifolia leads me to believe that I went to my hometown. Across the field to the house of my father's mother's sister, my father's mother's sister change then fields into the building, my grandma said a conversation with her, but it wasn't long before was watching TV, after saying nothing, I'm watching, feeling a little less glorious, their eyes was missing a little spiritual...

But they and I recall childhood, they remember what is complete, than I am this also let me find some comfort, home can only exist in my mind forever, nu skin hong kong it is like the other shore flower, desolate and boundless earth cannot coexist; In the road that I couldn't see past the scenery, but I have a bearing precious memories in mind.

In life there are countless scenery on the way, the scenery is beautiful, but you "and line and treasure", because at the moment of the scenery, is the most beautiful...
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