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Still remember the poem lamented one's life, said the young rain song upstairs red candle out luo, mature rain passenger boat nakae broad low clouds goose called west wind. Monk lu, and now the rain, the temples have stars, sensitized always heartless, next step a bit before the dawn. Is really the portrayal of life, Dream beauty pro somehow makes me back with your growth.
Formative years as if a rod ink milli or deep or shallow wandering on the diffuse roll 畵 paper, sometimes feel spirit essence strange, sometimes as if such as adrenaline, wisdom sometimes calm, sometimes or and majestic, but no matter how to change along with the gender, grow ink, there are scars from beginning to end.
Victory day find fang surabaya, at that time the new endless. Childish, ever childlike hum of pure and fresh and song, let the time between notes jump, also in the quiet of wild creek light little feet dancing with the waves, wallow in anvil full of moss. The years in ignorance and forthright and sincere, I keep the original self, Dream beauty pro live a no earthly distractions, cumin, enjoying the life that's the joy in the view of, in the vibrant years running.
Crystal curtain breeze up, full frame rose a courtyard. As a teenager, light the flame of the growth in passion, heartily the dream in the heart, in the hot sun had WeiCong explaining adventure, had close fearless and wild boar. With the god wants to compare with ambition, a chamber above the whole ao however qi, overlooking the world seems to have a light, I'm going to let it all over the sky bright! Living without fear of the shackles of fear, no hesitating about the future of the unknown, some are just more red than the sun's heart, have a plenty of inspiring, one step would self-confidence. For tomorrow is full of curiosity and longing, like dandelion seeds want to fly over the long march.
The moment small rain sprinkling court hin, jian chrysanthemum bleak well the messy into the smoke. Youth helpless enemy but of shadow, an incoming wind Lian a description on a wisp of sadness, a meditation. Like when leisure time, let time and space of condensation looking to diffuse from the distance of the distance, the obsession with walking rail body according to the stir of hin know ponder the censer escape out of balance spring, Dream beauty pro admiration in old apricot flowers of spring rain, deep worship under have idols, more fascination with books to purify the mind, washing the soul. Autumnal flow, but also idle knocks castle to fall snuff of ease, jing qiu enron, but seems it will not regret know not faded.
How is like everywhere in life, like faye slush. Ebb and flow, the years erosion, at this time I am like a fly to lost, never-ending time to panic. As the cold winter can't still the growth of the universe, I difficult in the formative years slowly, then feel the desire of the dandelion in the tunnel of time and space suddenly so far seem is small, the infinite snow in this holy kingdom is nothing. Time is short life unbearable growth? Throughout the year all didn't mean to get away with the water? No eternal charm, not old youth, years will decisively discard the trace of growth? The answer lies in you can deny after snow melt can vaguely see the sign of the New Year? And the New Year's regeneration, who can tell it without ever spring mark?
Growth of ink, in the calendar time, Dream beauty pro over the years in the four seasons of, or strong or light touched the indelible marks, even if growth years clear, also will not say to disappear entirely, because that is the growth of our course, we had the advance of the brave and suffering...
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