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Enterprises in the Congress

Clayton Cosgrove and Chris Faafoi have confirmed they were hosted by SkyCity for last Saturday's Test between the All Blacks and France.

Labour leader David Shearer is reported to have "popped in" during the match craft cubes.

The MPs were in the corporate box despite their party's fierce opposition to the deal the government has struck with SkyCity for a convention centre in exchange for more pokie machines in its casino.

Justice Minister Judith Collins says they left their principles at home.

"I would be very happy to be invited to the SkyCity box but then I'm not a hypocrite like them Warm White LED Bulb," she told reporters on Thursday.

"I think they're a bunch of hypocrites and they should stop slagging off SkyCity."

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce says "it seems a bit hypocritical", and Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei isn't impressed either.

"The Greens don't take SkyCity's gifts," she said.

"We are absolutely right in our opposition to this dirty deal and they have undermined their own approach."

Asked whether she thought they were hypocrites mutual fund performance, Ms Turei said she wouldn't want to go that far.
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