About the season, do you like it

The spring select appropriate diet

People very upset, the face of the many ways to lose weight, the following rankings take a look at the weight loss methods, selected according to their own situation, their own way to lose weight, so that you successfully turned thin beauty.

Motion to adhere to exercise

Regular aerobic exercise, enough to let you in the short term to accelerate calorie burning, do some weight training on a regular basis can make you grow some beautiful muscle, Claire Hsu look at the long-term plan, this can quickly burn fat and help get the obesity crisis!

Eat red pepper

Pepper together and carbohydrates will give your metabolism impetus. Own recipes to lose weight, we might as well add some pepper, half an hour later, the best mobile accessory it will speed up the digestion!

To brew your own cup of green tea

Green tea contains catechins, such chemicals can effectively speed up the metabolic rate, rapid burning of body fat, while there played the efficacy of radiation!

Meanwhile, we must be careful not to let the eating habits back and forth movements crash proof phone protector.

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