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Still remember the poem lamented one's life, said the young rain song upstairs red candle out luo, mature rain passenger boat nakae broad low clouds goose called west wind. Monk lu, and now the rain, the temples have stars, sensitized always heartless, next step a bit before the dawn. Is really the portrayal of life, Dream beauty pro somehow makes me back with your growth.
Formative years as if a rod ink milli or deep or shallow wandering on the diffuse roll 畵 paper, sometimes feel spirit essence strange, sometimes as if such as adrenaline, wisdom sometimes calm, sometimes or and majestic, but no matter how to change along with the gender, grow ink, there are scars from beginning to end.
Victory day find fang surabaya, at that time the new endless. Childish, ever childlike hum of pure and fresh and song, let the time between notes jump, also in the quiet of wild creek light little feet dancing with the waves, wallow in anvil full of moss. The years in ignorance and forthright and sincere, I keep the original self, Dream beauty pro live a no earthly distractions, cumin, enjoying the life that's the joy in the view of, in the vibrant years running.
Crystal curtain breeze up, full frame rose a courtyard. As a teenager, light the flame of the growth in passion, heartily the dream in the heart, in the hot sun had WeiCong explaining adventure, had close fearless and wild boar. With the god wants to compare with ambition, a chamber above the whole ao however qi, overlooking the world seems to have a light, I'm going to let it all over the sky bright! Living without fear of the shackles of fear, no hesitating about the future of the unknown, some are just more red than the sun's heart, have a plenty of inspiring, one step would self-confidence. For tomorrow is full of curiosity and longing, like dandelion seeds want to fly over the long march.
The moment small rain sprinkling court hin, jian chrysanthemum bleak well the messy into the smoke. Youth helpless enemy but of shadow, an incoming wind Lian a description on a wisp of sadness, a meditation. Like when leisure time, let time and space of condensation looking to diffuse from the distance of the distance, the obsession with walking rail body according to the stir of hin know ponder the censer escape out of balance spring, Dream beauty pro admiration in old apricot flowers of spring rain, deep worship under have idols, more fascination with books to purify the mind, washing the soul. Autumnal flow, but also idle knocks castle to fall snuff of ease, jing qiu enron, but seems it will not regret know not faded.
How is like everywhere in life, like faye slush. Ebb and flow, the years erosion, at this time I am like a fly to lost, never-ending time to panic. As the cold winter can't still the growth of the universe, I difficult in the formative years slowly, then feel the desire of the dandelion in the tunnel of time and space suddenly so far seem is small, the infinite snow in this holy kingdom is nothing. Time is short life unbearable growth? Throughout the year all didn't mean to get away with the water? No eternal charm, not old youth, years will decisively discard the trace of growth? The answer lies in you can deny after snow melt can vaguely see the sign of the New Year? And the New Year's regeneration, who can tell it without ever spring mark?
Growth of ink, in the calendar time, Dream beauty pro over the years in the four seasons of, or strong or light touched the indelible marks, even if growth years clear, also will not say to disappear entirely, because that is the growth of our course, we had the advance of the brave and suffering...
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Love you so much, to listen to

Alone to wan HuaBing 12 spring, drunk with cup, drink for acacia tear, specific to buy one, no return old pavilion new yan both fly, and music play, mark, no root string string, columns of chi Chen, time is hard to get, love like water, sleepless night, heart is clean, light show silk Benedict feeling her virginity, one inch long for one inch ash...

Jin a fallen leaves, flower lush, July luxuriantly green, love you, the whole with sorrow chu, a clear window in spirit. Cloud not find place deep, deep gratuitously, heart is like the lotus, sit in thick, faint jinghu water, water lily, quiet and beautiful of zen to silence, not faze not surprised, love you so much, to listen to Red Wine Cellars.

The beautiful and quiet night, branches leaves yellowing yiyi, the scent from the overflow, warm night Joan. Rouge color, cinnabar, brow a little sorrow, grows into a wisp of acacia, miss you far away. BoYunHou fog, veils the long, a shade a ride, how block following your mood.

Stroke of stone, forget the sichuan river, alternative bridge, already established, vaguely incarnations, I had a deep xu orders with you, one eye in one thousand, a few who love. If you come, I tsing yi sleeve, black pencil the eyebrows, deep in the time of static, etc.

Walking slowly pushed down the door, fang diameter, forest flute sound, you fly rhyme in the finger tip, you are a hollow tube led, QingJi night, wang deep feeling. Waiting for you only one hit the blue slowly to haze shadow incarnate I hoped. Only you snuggle sit, sit night until dawn, only think you tender feelings, with moonlight, holding full of deep feeling, so had been a romantic, quietly sat old life.

You make me half city fireworks, tenderness, I make your life a lifetime, if true love, is enough; If life, pity, what asks! Life short, turn in late autumn, life is too precious, and in a hurry between separated from you.

Affection can escape, leisurely heart is soft, is Wan Shujin leaf, thousands of flower unbeaten for the next year, the bloom together, for the next year, listen to flowers faded and fallen. Indirect thin cold, eyes wet with tears, I always trance. Are you wipe away my tears, right, you are in? And on my eyebrow, let you in, smile; You are, full tree spiciness, geranyl grass fragrance of flowers is sweet, year after year, a quarter of one season, have a silent, you sound Dream beauty pro.

Slight feeling love you, you called, as soon as possible for the tip of the wind, you think you under the shadow of candle scooped all acacia, chi bound both in the mood. Jade, sum of enron, a romantic city. Mountain see water is together, arm in arm phase line, MoBei jiangnan, through the four seasons, walked across the ring, a lifetime love, long hill rich water, a sleeve of the wind, such as you; Clouds clothing attire, rays of tenderness, like me.

Dependent jiangnan line should be written in the spring of march, and the spring breeze at the right moment, the peach blossom spring, burning fairy, green willow blue bar, the breeze. Small rain late, oblique double fly, as you I photograph is tender, the hard-currency between the eyes. A leaf boat, umbrellas, is not urgent needed, QingDang between lake, good soft time drunk jasmine wind, still water ripple west, leisure people, let the rain [face, wet hair locks, bamboo vivit slow, warmed by wave the scene, if you are in my heart.

Love you, love in jiangnan, once meet, moment life, from now on not to mountain, not for water, for tracing painters in you heart. Draw down my brow cinnabar, mark me for your dedecates road; On my fingers ring, lock all life feeling; With my hair hairpin, life does not change, wan thousands and thousands of knot, only window acacia you knot filled thick, vines wrapped around. Adjustment between fingers fly, wrist, bring sweet search path, you come, the flowers in the spring city, make me a alone? If water three thousand, palm scooped a gourd ladle, I drink you, thy joined me a gourd ladle is, from the bath.

The worst is not whole, meet and fall in love, clear water lake, camphor tree, and the swallow building, magnolia boat, acne, I, a pair of people, a kiss of life, travel together. Knock the wind window lattice, shaking bell ding, LingLing into, like you follow step leisurely, while in the night, you will come right, CV 18 around candles, incense table both of wine cup, and drink, plan for tonight, stretch yarn of bamboo, a sleeve osmanthus flowers fall, spare the you and me, sweet red pavilion.

Pinghu autumn, bank zhi LAN, grey Jian Jia, water in the mirror, the blue shadow care "in line. Can leaf deciduous v. do not give up love, thin as a figure, sigh lightly falls, loss of color, for whom life slim proud branches alone, and for whom fell spirits. You in the side, the wind of autumn ling chrysanthemum, comfortable alone deep and remote HKUE amec, the south wild goose in the sky, Cain autumn autumn obscure, you in the side, warm heart toru.

Every winter snow dance, do you want in, birds fly, pristine Syracuse, you sleeping fairy bit soft wind, long sleeve to warm my mood. Ordinary buildings, however, ordinary but dependent, light years, annual ring deeply, long time, meet the world of mortals, bosom stranger, phase line of the four seasons, don't ask, don't far how long long, but I have in the js mi ammy, don't ask, don't love a few flowers, a ladle drink me.

Like a dream, and besides, cherish your curl lie, afraid of waking, dreams break; As soon as possible your tender feeling, afraid of broken, tears from now on mottled; At the beginning of love you meet, to open it, afraid of sparse; Think you like water, trickling water is fine, soft failed to cut off and have affection. Love like Jue, Jue Jue heart bright; Love like the lotus, zen. Purple devoted to the world of mortals, specific water rich, only read you a medal, the open mind, night after night, chu, day care, forming a coloured glaze amber, a long life with you such kind of arteries and veins.
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