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Obama's uncle

President Obama had lived with his uncle in the 1980s, despite the White House initially denying they ever met.

WASHINGTON — The White House said Thursday that President Barack Obama briefly lived with an uncle who faced deportation from the United States, correcting its previous statements that the president had never met Onyango Obama.

The 69-year-old, Kenyan-born half-brother of Obama's estranged father was granted permission this week to stay in the U.S. after ignoring a deportation order two decades ago. The uncle is also known as Omar Obama.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said that when the case first arose hong kong massage, officials looked for records of a meeting but never directly asked the president.

"When Omar Obama said the other day, and there were reports that he had said the other day that President Obama, back when he was a law school student, had stayed with him in Cambridge, I thought it was the right thing to do to go ask him," Carney said. "Nobody had asked him in the past, and the president said that he, in fact, had met Omar Obama when he moved to Cambridge for law school and that he stayed with him for a brief period of time until his — the president's apartment was ready."

Carney said that after that, uncle and nephew saw each other once every few months while the younger Obama was in Cambridge. Carney said that after Obama attended law school, the two fell out of touch.

"The president has not seen Omar Obama in 20 years and has not spoken with him in roughly 10 years," Carney said.

During his deportation hearing, Onyango Obama told Judge Leonard Shapiro that he graduated from high school in Cambridge, then attended Boston University, where he received a degree in philosophy. He said that for years he has managed a family-owned liquor store in Framingham, just west of Boston. He also said he has worked for decades to help African immigrants find housing and settle in the U.S.

He testified that he hasn't been back to Kenya since he entered the U.S. g-suite cardinal and said it would be difficult for him to return after all these years.

His immigration status didn't become public until his 2011 drunken-driving arrest in Framingham. Police said after the arrest he told them, "I think I will call the White House."

Asked about the exchange by a prosecutor on Tuesday, he said he might have said that but couldn't recall.

The charge was dismissed after he completed a year of probation and 14 weeks of alcohol education classes.

He also testified that President Obama stayed with him for three weeks in Cambridge while the president was a student at Harvard Law School.

"In our tradition, your brother's kids are your kids as well Ergonomic chair," he said after the hearing.

Carney said the legal issues surrounding Obama's uncle was handled appropriately by the White House.

"Absolutely zero interference," he said.
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The United States of America's blockbuster

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The final New York mayoral debate

Republican candidate Joe Lhota and his Democratic rival Bill de Blasio head to the polls on Tuesday, in the race to succeed Michael Bloomberg.

NEW YORK — New York City mayoral hopefuls Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota debated for a final time, offering starkly different leadership styles for the very different versions of the future they see for the nation's largest city.

De Blasio, a Democrat who has a commanding lead in the polls, argued Wednesday night that Lhota, a Republican was unresponsive to a city he believes is desperate for a change in philosophy and tone after 12 years with Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the helm. An unabashed liberal, de Blasio contended that a Lhota administration would do little to combat the rising tension between the NYPD and minority communities or the city's widening income inequality gap.

"It would look very much the same as today," he said. "A lot of the problems that we're experiencing right now that have gone unaddressed by Mayor Bloomberg would go unaddressed by Mr. Lhota."

Lhota, a former deputy mayor under Rudolph Giuliani, g-suite in oldham repeatedly called de Blasio a "polished politician" and questioned his opponent's signature campaign promise to raise taxes on the wealthy to fund universal pre-kindergarten. The plan would require the approval of the state legislature and de Blaiso has not offered an alternative to pay for the program.

De Blasio claimed that "leaders get people to buy into a vision and then achieve the vision," adding that he would be able to persuade Albany to pass his tax hike. Lhota, however, suggested that effective "leaders not only have a Plan B, they have a Plan C."

Their vast differences in management style also were on display in the debate's opening minutes, which were dominated by the one-year anniversary of the devastating landfall of Superstorm Sandy. The storm killed 44 people across the five boroughs.

De Blasio, the city's public advocate, stressed the need for more involvement at "the grassroots level," and touted the need to include neighborhood organizations in efforts to help those still left struggling from the storm's effects.

Lhota was steering the Metropolitan Transportation Authority at the time of the storm and received kudos for his handling of the crisis, from which the vast commuter network largely escaped unscathed. Drawing upon that experience, he pushed for the need for greater top-down management during a crisis.

"The city of New York was not fully prepared for what happened a year ago; they were prepared for the evacuation, not for the aftermath," said Lhota. "When I was running the MTA at the same time we planned for any kind of emergency."

The debate was originally scheduled for Tuesday but was postponed a day out of respect for the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. Many of the city's coastal neighborhoods, particularly on Staten Island in the Rockaways, g-suite cardinal manchester are still trying to rebuild.

NYC mayoral election debate: Republican mayoral candidate Joe LhotaAP Photo: Wall Street Journal, Peter Foley, Pool
Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota speaks with the media after the final mayoral debate in New York, on Wednesday, Oct. 30.
Both candidates said they largely support Bloomberg's $20 billion resiliency plan to fortify the city against future storms. But those moments of agreement were rare in a debate that frequently turned testy.

They fought again over stop-and-frisk, the NYPD tactic that allows police to question anyone deemed suspicious. The program's critics, g-suite manchester including de Blasio, believe it unfairly targets black and Latino men, while its supporters like Lhota give it some credit for the city's historic drop in crime.
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The component is arranged date

A draft pact known as the Bilateral Security Agreement was hammered out in Kabul last weekend by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

KABUL — The future of U.S. troops in Afghanistan after 2014 will be decided by an assembly of tribal elders in late November, its organizers said, cardinal manchester setting a date for the verdict on a long-delayed bilateral deal held up by disputes over key provisions.

A draft pact known as the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) was hammered out in Kabul last weekend by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. But he left without a final deal as Afghan President Hamid Karzai said only the assembly, the Loya Jirga, had the authority to decide contentious issues.

These include a U.S. demand to retain legal jurisdiction over its troops in Afghanistan, which would give them immunity from Afghan law. The request appeared to have been resolved this summer, but emerged as the main sticking point after Kerry's visit.

"The BSA is very important, it has many details and has several chapters over 32 pages," Sadeq Mudaber, one of the organizers, told a meeting with journalists and dignitaries.

"Now it is time to present it to the people of Afghanistan with all its details and get their consultation on it."

The United States says it cannot agree to a deal unless it is granted the right to try in the United States its citizens who break the law in Afghanistan.

The tentative date set for the Loya Jirga, Nov 19-21, will further test U.S. patience. Officials previously said they wanted the BSA in place by the end of October to give the U.S.-led NATO coalition of troops time to implement plans for 2015.

If approved by the assembly, the draft will be submitted to parliament. If it passes both as expected, the deal will pave the way for a decision on how many U.S. g-suite and other troops remain in Afghanistan after next year.

If approval is not forthcoming, the United States has said it will pull out all of its troops by the end of next year, an outcome known as the "zero option".

U.S. officials have in recent months raised the possibility, with an implicit warning that Afghan security forces are not ready to fight the Taliban-led insurgency without their help.

Doubts are beginning to appear that sticking points have finally been laid to rest.

Few details have emerged from either side on the agreement reached on an Afghan request for protection from foreign aggression - an allusion to attacks along its border with Pakistan.

This silence on the issue has prompted some Western diplomats to suggest that the deal may meet resistance on the Pakistani border issue rather than other matters.

The hand-picked assembly is, however, expected to align itself with the government and has previously indicated it favored a deal with the United States.

"Security was a part of the previous Jirga and has been already been decided on," Sibghatullah Mojaddedi, a prominent figure in the Jirga, told the gathering.

"I told him (Karzai) that he can sign it and if there is any problem he can solve it with Americans by negotiating."

Some members have, however, g-suite manchester already made it plain they will oppose the U.S. request for immunity from Afghan prosecution.

"If this pact is signed, it means giving a license to infidels to kill Muslims," said Qazi Nazir Anafi, a lawmaker and senior member of the top religious panel, the Ulema Council.

The collapse of similar talks between the United States and Iraq in 2011 - partly over the issue of immunity - led to the United States completely ending its forces' mission there.
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