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without dieting

Don't want to go on a diet and doesn't want to exercise but want to lose weight.Hong Kong Massage There is a good way to do, Xiaobian tell you the answer ipad waterproof cases, that is the low calorie diet.

To lose weight, without dieting is no movement, as long as the low calorie diet Xiaobian introduce reduction, relaxed body weight could lose oh! Compared with the past mainly on "dieting to lose weight method", "low calorie diet" has obviously advantages: no longer have to starve!

At the same time, it is also healthier, safer way of thin body. From now on, you can eat to lose weight!

"Principle of low card thin"

Many women think eating more calories more intake, in fact this is a misunderstanding, between the food and the heat is not simply proportional to, some small volume, less weight food, high calorie is quite amazing.

"Low calorie diet" is in the daily diet, ip networking choose the low calorie food, in full under the premise, but imperceptibly reduced calorie intake, so as to achieve the purpose of weight.

For example, a medium-sized apple contains about 70000 calories, and a small chocolate also contains 70000 calories, while the same quantity of heat, but produce satiety are very different.

Therefore, the calculation of heat can not only based on the weight of food, also must from the overall situation to calculate the feeding, eating right is the first step to successful weight loss.

"Low calorie" food choices

select volume is large, have a sense of satiety but low calorie food such as vegetables, cucumber, eggplant, wax gourd, bamboo shoots, white radish, carrot and soybean products in the tender tofu etc..

low-fat low calorie mushroom is a good thin body,Underwear Hong Kong 100 grams of mushrooms only 55000 calories card, fat content is close to zero, and cellulose rich, easy to satiety.

brown rice, oatmeal, barley porridge is best for weight loss women, because the brown rice high cellulose, high calcium and low fat, cereal, besides high calcium. Low fat, but also rich in vitamin A and vitamin B.

green vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage and so on are low calorie food.

konjac is one of the low calorie food is popular at present, contains a lot of water soluble fiber, very low calories.

banana jelly, low quantity of heat, wigs natural hair it can meet the need of eating sweets.

muskmelon, pear. Pineapple is a fruit is low in calories, less fat content, and rich in cellulose.

100 grams shrimp contains 80000 calories and less than 1 grams of fat.

the only egg instead of whole eggs to make egg & vegetable soup, has only 90000 calories and 1 grams of fat. Before dinner drink egg & vegetable soup can also control the appetite.

100 grams cuttlefish and tuna contains 120000 calories, protein and iron, and contains more, the taste is also very good.

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